Mayor Stan Wright at groundbreaking
ceremonies for eco-friendly
by-product processing facility

From beautiful scenic byways and coastal estuaries, to seafood and shrimp boats, to festivals and fishing village charm, Bayou La Batre is the real deal. Our history and townspeople trace their heritage to the 1700s when settlers petitioned the King of Spain for a piece of land known today as Bayou La Batre—the place we call home.

We’re known for our seafood industry, but we also build ships for everyone from the U.S. Government to Disney’s Black Pearl vessel seen in Pirates of the Caribbean. Our award-winning shipbuilders take pride in their work and are recognized for quality delivery and maintenance worldwide.

We also welcome new industry, such as our green byproduct processing facility – the Gulf Coast Agricultural and Seafood Co-op –

for which we’ll break ground in 2010. Shrimp and crab hulls will be processed for commercial application to the fertilizer, poultry and pharmaceutical industries.

We’re pro business and we’re open for business!

What’s the greatest thing we have to offer? Our people, of course. They’ll welcome you with open arms to visit, stay a while, and even make the place we love a place you’ll love, too.

So, come on down! We look forward to seeing you SOON.